Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guess who's having a GIRL!!!!!!!!

beloved hippo
say cheese!

the sisterhood...
Papa letting himself get pounced at the birthday party

Cowboy day at school- normal day for Cash

yes- that is snot- and that is my husband:)

that would be ME!!!!! I can hardly believe it myself- which is why I haven't posted until now:) And as you might have already guessed, yes, she does already have a closet full of clothes:) We are so ecstatic to welcome a little girly girl into the family (and you know we need it!)...we can't wait until july!!!
other than that...
We have been busy busy with other things. Pierce had his 5th birthday- can't believe he is 5. We celebrated at the usual bounce place- and he celebrates daily (still) anytime he sees the number five or hears it. My sweet boy has become quite the helper around here. Its funny how they go from being a baby to one day being able to carry out 'favors' for mom and little babysitting tasks. He has gotten so big and heavy and he is crazier than ever. He wedged my exercise ball between the couch and the ottoman and told me to watch as he jumped on the ball and did a front flip onto the couch- over and over again. He is loving soccer this year and cries like its the end of the world if he doesn't get more than three goals:) Thats my boy! kidding. I love him so much and he has brought me and my family so much happiness and LAUGHS- I feel so lucky to have him.
We have also been working on our house. Not technically- someone else it actually building:) but it has taken a lot of planning and deciding, etc- which can be extremely exhausting! But we can now (almost) say that after two years we can now sit back and watch it come together. That makes two babies due in July!:) I guess we won't be bored!
Other than that we have been doing the usual. Cash is getting extremely sassy..can I say that about a boy? He surprises me daily with different 'deals' and ideas. anytime I ask them to clean up he is instantly 'too tired' or sick:) and when I start my rebuttal he starts interrupting me by imitating me and speaking really loudly over me saying "excuse me! I'm trying to tell you something!" sometimes I laugh- and mostly I think- where did he get this? Lex has turned into the tyrant of the house. he is such a ham- he knows how to win you over...which is good because he is also extremely evil sometimes! If Cash or Pierce has to go to time out he runs over- makes sure i am watching- and laughs and kicks them! If you say no-well you better watch out- he gets the biggest smile on his face and does whatever you just told him not to faster and with more vigor than before- and before you can get your hands on him he is sprinting away. We are in for it!
Ok-other than THAT we haven't been up to much.. and since a picture is worth a thousand words...


Rachel said...

Congratulations on your little girl! There's no doubt she'll be absolutely beautiful. Is it wrong that I'm perhaps a tiny bit jealous over an infant's full closet of clothes?

Ash said...

YAY Congrats from the "Joey/Ashley Merbacks"! I just couldn't imagine Anna Quinzer (sorry....that's how I know you;) without a daughter! SHe is going to be one fun, spoiled, well dressed, spunky, lucky little lady!!

Heidi said...

LOVE that picture of you 3 sisters. Beauty queens. And, I still can't believe you're having a girl! You are going to be in GIRL heaven.

Circuit Fam said...

Fabulous. A GIRL! I hope one day to follow in your footsteps. Okay tell me, did you do some methods to get a girl? I am so happy for you....I wouldn't even know what to do. Haha...What a beautiful fam you have and it just keeps getting better. I will never forget that you got my headpiece for my wedding for me as a gift. Always so sweet.

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